Feng Shui for the Main Entrance of your House

  1. Steps create stagnation. Hence, if your house does not have any steps, it is a good sign. Keep a couple of steps but which are in proportion of the entrance. However, take the help of Fengshui if you have a number of steps to a small door.
  2. Direction of the house: door which are facing towards north east or north are not good. Insulate your house if any of your house’s doors faces in this direction. Have good green plants through the wide way of your house. On the other hand, if you paint the front door with some high glossy paint, it would reflect back negative energy. The east facing doors are excellent for great career and life. If you want a steady progress with good communication, go for a south east facing door. On the other hand, the south west door is something that would actually settle you down but you may not feel that good with this entrance.  
  3. Check what is in the house: Keep the energy fresh and lively in the house. Do not make a closed and congested house where you would be suffocated every moment. Use water and fountains to keep fresh energy and soothing effect on the house.